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Easy View XT Review (formerly Easy View HD)

easy view hdDriving is challenging enough without having to deal with the glare from the sun or headlights. Unfortunately, either one of these can impair your vision, increasing the risk of accidents. Usually I just wear sunglasses when I drive, which is no big deal, except that I sometimes forget to bring them with me. I’ve tried keeping a pair in the car, but I often end up just wearing them out of the car, then putting them into my purse or my desk and forgetting them again.

I felt that there had to be a better way of dealing with glare and then one night while I was watching TV, I saw a commercial for Easy View XT (formerly Easy View HD). It’s just a really simple flip-down visor that you attach onto your regular visor and it blocks the glare while still allowing you to easily see the road. I’m normally skeptical about these As Seen On TV products, but it was cheap so I ordered a set and was honestly really impressed!

Click Here if you’re looking for the best place to purchase Easy View XT and you will be taken to the official site.

Canadian Residents: Use This Link to purchase Easy View XT.

How Easy View XT Works

Easy View XT is a flip-down sun shield that you attach to your car visor.  When you need extra protection against the sun or headlight glare, flip it down and enjoy clear vision. When you no longer need the protection, flip it back up.

You’re also able to adjust the size of the Easy View XT to fit your specific visor. This is easy to do: just slide it in or out to make it bigger or smaller.

Simple, easy, and requires no special tools or batteries. That’s literally all there is to it.

It works for any car, truck, or SUV as long as you have a visor already installed (which almost every car does unless you broke it or something :P).

Here is the commercial in case you haven’t seen it. This will give you a more visual idea of how it works:


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Easy View HD reviews Easy View Coupon

Pros and Cons

Before I make a purchase, I like to know all the pros and cons of the product. I really like my Easy View XT, but it’s important to understand its pros and cons:


  • Protects drivers from both sun and headlight glare: If you can see well, you’re more likely to avoid accidents.
  • No tools needed to install.
  • Fold out to whatever size you need.
  • No need to buy or wear sunglasses in the car while driving.
  • Unlike sunglasses, Easy View XT stays in your car, ready to use. You’ll always have sun/glare protection while driving.


  • Only comes in one tint.
  • Can only be attached to visors at the front of your car, not the door windows.

Where to Buy Easy View XT

I’d recommend getting your Easy View XT online through the official website. That’s where I bought mine from and it’s the best deal that I have seen.

Canadian Residents: make sure you use this link to purchase Easy View. The other one will not work for you.

You’ll get a 30 day money back guarantee and a special bonus offer: Get another Easy View XT free, just pay separate shipping and handling. This bonus offer is great because you can put an Easy View XT on both the passenger and driver’s side of your car. Or, put the extra one in another car. It’s up to you!

Final Recommendation

Do you drive? Then you definitely want to consider Easy View XT. It helps to block the glare from the sun or headlights without you needing to remember to bring sunglasses every time.

Easy View XT also makes a great gift. It’s a simple product that meets a need that many drivers have. Give it a try!

Easy View XT Review

One big problem with many cars is that their  sun visors are really inadequate for dealing with glare from the sun or other car’s headlights. Sure, they provide some protection but unless you have a pair of good sunglasses you’ll probably find that you’re still squinting or removing one hand from the steering wheel to instinctively cover your eyes. Glare is not only uncomfortable, it can be unsafe. One solution to this issue is Easy View XT,  a sun visor attachment.

How Easy View XT Works

Easy View XT is made out of a tinted polycarbonate that provides protection against glare while allowing you to see clearly what’s in front of you. You simply attach Easy View to your sun visors and, when you need them, put them down for additional sun protection.

Pros and Cons

Check out some of the observations that have been made about Easy View XT before you make a purchase.


  •  Addresses a common problem, which is that many car sun visors simply aren’t large enough.
  •  Easy to use as and when you need it.
  •  No tools or adhesives required for installation.
  •  Remains in your car at all times, so you’ll have glare protection even if you forget your sunglasses.


  •  Easy View isn’t a substitute for UV protection, such as wearing sunscreen or sunglasses with UV coating.
  •  This product only works for front seat passengers. There is not a corresponding product that fits car door windows, so back seat passengers won’t benefit from this product.

Where to Buy

I’m not sure of all the different places that sell Easy View XT, but I do know that the official website offers a money back guarantee as well as a bonus: Buy one Easy View and get a second one free. Just pay extra postage. The advantage of having two items is obvious: You can either install the second set in another car, on the passenger side of your own car or give it away as a gift.

Final Recommendation

If you spend any time behind the wheel, or know people who do, check out Easy View XT. It’s a product that addresses an almost universal problem and is remarkably easy to both install and use. Plus, it is affordable, so you can buy one for each of your household vehicles.

Avoid Being Blinded on the Road With Easy View XT Glare Blocker

easy-view-hdYou are driving down the road and suddenly a blast of sunlight swallows up your whole world. You cannot see the dashboard let alone the road ahead. Alarm bells in your head go off. The only thing you can think of is pulling over and regaining your bearings, but you are completely disillusioned and you don’t know if you are driving on the right side of the road or the wrong side.

This is every driver’s worst nightmare….

That’s why on very sunny days, we instinctively pull down our car’s built-in visors. But why is it even after pulling them down, we still get our faces blasted by sunlight?

Built-in visors are not enough to keep direct sunlight from blinding you. Such situations often lead to unfortunate highway incidents. With the Easy View HD Glare Blocker, you now have the power to cruise down the highway without constantly dodging tons of sun beams aimed at your eyes.

Furthermore, you can use it during the night. It effectively disperses lights from headlights. If you constantly find yourself driving in the night, bombarded by monstrous, blinding headlights, you will love Easy View HD.

Best Glare Blocker for Your Car

So what makes Easy View HD the best glare blocker? It comes in clear acrylic with tint diffusers. This creates a one way mirror, which allows you to see through, but blocks light from the opposite direction. This is the primary reason why Easy View HD works. You can now confidently keep your eyes on the road without having to constantly move about just to avoid getting a sun blast. This is what sets this visor apart from other visors and makes it the perfect daytime driving companion.

Installing Easy View HD doesn’t call for a mechanic or going back to the dealership. Simply slide the visor into the pre-existing car visor. Your car will not be cluttered with an extra gadget, and you can always adjust the visor naturally to fit your needs.

A Look at Whether Easy View XT Actually Works

Easy-view-HD-glare-blockerEasy View HD is a simple flip-down visor that a motorist can attach to their regular visor. It blocks glare from headlights or the sun while still allowing the driver to see the road.

Driving can be enough of a challenge without having to deal with glare from other vehicles’ headlights or the sun. It’s unfortunate that any of the two can impair a driver’s vision, increasing the risk of an accident happening. However, the question on every car owner’s lips is: does easy View HD really work?

Easy View HD happens to be a flip-down sun shield that someone can attach to their car visor. Whenever a driver needs extra protection against headlight or the sun glare, all they have to do is flip it down to enjoy a clear vision. It can also be flipped back up whenever the protection is no longer needed.

The Easy View HD size can be adjusted to fit a car’s specific visor. This can be easily done by sliding it in or out in order to make it smaller or bigger. It is simple and easy, requiring no special batteries or tools. What’s more, it works for any SUV, truck or car provided a visor has already been installed, something that virtually every car has.

With the Easy View HD, all that is needed on a car owner’s part is to put it on their visor and then use it when the sun is in their face. A driver can slide the sun diffuser as the road turns or as the sun moves in a way that it is in place just right and he or she can drive around unfazed by all of the brightness.

This is a much better choice when compared to the standard visor that comes with any car since it does not block the driver’s view while it can be used just as easily.

What Is The Best Glare Blocker For Your Car?

Car Glare BlockerWe all love a pleasant drive on a sunny day; although not all of us wear sunglasses and let’s face it, nobody likes to be blinded by the light of the sun. It can create very dangerous driving hazards. Most standard car visors only manage to block out a small part of the sun’s glare, so they are not very effective.

That is where Easy View HD Glare Blocker saves the day. Many products out there promise a lot and deliver a little but this product promises to be the best glare blocker for your car.

What Makes Easy View HD the Best?

  • Keeps you and your loved ones safer when driving
  • The Easy View HD is made with clear polycarbonate with added tint to lessen the brightness of sunlight.
  • Quick and simple installation. No assembly or tools are required.
  • Attaches to any visor and flips up when not needed for easy storage.
  • Also effective against artificial light such as headlight glare at night.
  • You can use the Easy View HD Glare Blocker in any car
  • Gives you added confidence on the roads
  • A much cheaper alternative to expensive sunglasses
  • A high quality product that will last for years

Does Easy View HD Really Work?

Certainly! There are many great reviews out there to back up the claims that the company makes. With many satisfied customers and given testimonials, as a customer you can guarantee that you will be getting great value for your money.

A small adjustment to your car can produce a huge convenience in your day to day lifestyle.

The Easy View HD Glare Blocker costs only $10, a price that is hardly going to break the bank, that is for sure.

Currently on the company’s website- if you buy one you get another completely free. All you have to do is pay for separate postage and packaging. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today.